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 Death Note

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PostSubject: Death Note   Death Note Icon_minitimeSun May 18, 2008 12:58 pm

dwadg0ns's here, Death Note is my number one favourite anime right not it might change next month lol. Well Death note is so cool because it is like all dark and cold and evil Twisted Evil lol i like evil thing XD well in this forum tell us why you like death note and yeah, what you think about it and whose your favoutite character and why. Anyone who post here and hates death note .... watch out i got both, Misa's and Light's death note book Twisted Evil lol jokes jokes XD

Why I like Death Note?
Because it like all dark and evil Twisted Evil

What I think about it?
I think it is so cool and i can only watch it one lol (cause I don't want to see L die over and over again XD )

Who is my favourite character?
As you can tell that i can't see L die over and over again, my favourite character is L because he looks cute and so smart Embarassed
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Death Note
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